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Money Making

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Money Making

Post by Storm on Sat May 15, 2010 2:41 pm

1. the aoe's u can use ?
Ranger,Billposter,Ringmaster,Psykeeper,Elementor,Knight,Blade all aoe's work
2.Ranger stat's ?
80 sta rest dex/Pure dex sta awk's on set
3.Billposter stat's ?
100 int rest sta/200 sta rest str
4.Ringmaster stat's ?
100 int rest sta/Pure sta
5.Psykeeper stat's ?
120 sta rest int/Pure int
6.Elementor stat's ?
80 sta rest int/Pure int
7.Knight stat's ?
Pure sta
8.Blade stat's ?
80 sta rest dex/Pure dex

9. all these are good aoe stat's
10. good place to aoe and make money ?
11.A money maker should never go master or hero
reason: because non master/hero makes much more money
12. always be in a adv's party
reason: better money and drop's

13. Set info
14.Ranger awk's sta and dex
15.Billposter sta and int awk's/sta and str awk's
16.Ringmaster sta only awk's
17.Psykeeper sta and int awk's
18.Elementor int and sta awk's
19.Knight only sta awk's
20.Blade dex and sta awk's

21.Piercing cards for suit

22.Ranger Lightning (4%)-(7%) card
23.Billposter Volcano (4%)-(7%) card
24.Ringmaster Volcano (4%)-(7%) card
25.Psykeeper Lightning (4%)-(7%) card
26.Elementor Lightning (4%)-(7%) card
27.Knight Volcano (4%)-(7%) card
28.Blade Lightning (4%)-(7%) card

29.Weapon's to use

30.Ranger Angel bow, Bloody bow or Vampire bow
31.Billposter Angel glove, Bloody glove or Vampire glove
32.Ringmaster Guardian stick, Angel stick, Bloody stick or Vampire stick
33.Psykeeper Legendery golden wand, Bloody wand or Vampire wand
34.Elementor Legendery golden staff, Bloody staff or Vampire staff
35.Knight Legendery big golden axe, Bloody axe or Vampire axe
36.Blade History axe or Bloody axe

37.Element to use on weapon

38.Ranger Fire element
39.Billposter doesn't matter
40.Ringmaster doesn't matter
41.Psykeeper doesn't matter
42.Elementor Cyclone element
43.Knight any element
44.Blade any element

45.Piercing for weapon

46.Ranger Electric Card (B)-(A)
47.Billposter Water Card (B)-(A) or Land Card (B)-(A)
48.Ringmaster Water Card (B)-(A) or Land Card (B)-(A)
49.Psykeeper Water Card (B)-(A)
50.Elementor Water Card (B)-(A)
51.Knight Land Card (B)-(A)
52.Blade Electric Card (B)-(A)

btw make ur set and weapon +10
Follow this guide and u will be a good aoe and rich

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Re: Money Making

Post by Kiki on Sat May 15, 2010 2:53 pm

I kinda agree, but it's like an Aoe, weapon choosing, money making guide. xD
Not bad tho.



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Re: Money Making

Post by Alexi <3 on Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:08 am

Nice guide Razz
Alexi <3
Alexi <3

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Re: Money Making

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